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"Thanks for making ridiculously awesome instruments!"

 -Greg Meisenberg, PA

"...playing an instrument of Michael's caliber has shown me just how "cheap" my [other brand bass; name omitted by Pedulla before posting this] truly is. Not just in the craftsmanship but also in its playability, it's tone, it's feel... He has essentially ruined me... but in a good way. I can't express enough how in awe I was when playing the Penta. It allowed me to be truly expressive in my touch and feel. Something I never really experienced before and that's saying a lot. I worked at my local [musical instrument retail chain store; name omitted by Pedulla before posting this] from '04-'14 and I played hundreds of basses. Loaned close to 100 as well just searching for the next bass and never finding the right one as I was so over the moon comfortable with my [other brand bass]. Even after just a week, I have no doubt that I'll at some point purchase an MVP. 
...even after just a week with the bass of my dreams, I am a changed man. 
Thank you again Christine and Michael for such an amazing looking, sounding, and playing instrument.
Your customer service is extraordinary.
I've been absolutely falling in love with my bass. I look forward to playing it for many many years to come." 

 -Chris Chmielewski, CA

"Michael and Christine,
I would like to thank you for not only an incredible instrument but great support. I have waited many, many years for an instrument made by Michael. It's everything I knew it was going to be. It's a work of art. I can't wait until this bass has my wear marks in it. Thank you. This is the best bass I have ever played."

 -Dennis Wilson, IL

"The bass arrived and I couldn't be any more happier about it! It sounds amazing just like any Pedulla would sound, very unique! I thank Michael Pedulla for what he does! these instruments are just amazing! And thanks again for everything miss Christine! :)"

-J Angel Esquivel, TX

"I started playing bass guitar at 15. When I was about 18, I discovered a second hand Pedulla Pentabuzz in a store. Although its shape didn't immediately appeal to my underdeveloped 18 year old taste, the bass melted in my hands when I played it. Eventually I fell in love with the shape as well. So when 4 years later a shop called me to tell me they had a used Pedulla MVP, I didn't hesitate and bought it without trying it. I've played and recorded with these two instruments for 20 years now, and I got myself even more Pedulla instruments. But despite the number of Pedulla instruments in our household, I always dreamt about having a Pedulla custom built for me (when I turned 40). So I started saving money (I was about 25). When I turned 42, my wife said...haven't you forgotten something? I looked at my savings account and realized I could make my dream come true. Because I had waited so long, I didn't even have to make a choice. I could have both a Pentabuzz and MVP5. 
In 2016 both basses arrived, and they're beyond terrific and breathtaking. In fact, I couldn't imagine these new Pedulla basses could be better than the ones I already had, but they are. The pieces of wood are gorgeous and the craftmanship is amazing. They play wonderful, sound wonderful and look wonderful. I concur with Doug Johns: Michael is at the top of his game. I [previously] had trouble finishing a few mixes for my album. I just couldn't get them right, but when I retracked the bass parts with these basses, they sounded perfect in my ears. They simply deliver, effortlessly. These basses will stay with me for the rest of my life. So thank you Michael!
I feel a need to thank Christine too: she raises customer service to a next level. It matches perfectly with the love and attention Michael puts into his instrument making."

 -Tjarko Busink, the Netherlands

"I'm the incredibly happy new owner of a Hexabuzz I purchased yesterday. I've been looking for a very specific tone (and feel) for the last years and I've played every high end boutique instrument available in Europe... All of them had the same design for a voice. And then after talking with my friends and colleagues in music, [he] strongly advised me to look for a Buzz. ...I tried that Hexabuzz... I instantly fell for it. I brought it back home yesterday and since, I haven't stopped playing. This is it, this is the tone, sound and feel I was looking for, one that allows me to express my own voice with enough nuances."

  -Antoine Franqueville-Roy, France

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Unsolicited Customer Comments    (PAGE 1)

“The Nuance exudes a boutique quality but with a much more useful array of tones. A bass that not only sounds fantastic on it’s own but remains punchy and distinct even through a dense mix, a winning combination for me! The bass is so insanely cool, I love it! I truly love the instrument and having a blast Playng it!”

  -Tim Landers, CA  (Pedulla Artist)

“I’ve been playing Pedulla basses since 1980 and they are simply the finest instruments available. The sound and beauty of the basses continue to draw me into the music.”  

 -Mark Egan, NY  (Pedulla Artist)

“I bought my first Pedulla in 1995. I ordered my 2nd and 3rd the next day. They’re serious. they’re real serious. I’ve been playing them ever since.”

 -Ric Fierabracci, CA  (Pedulla Artist)

“My groove is dependent upon my Pedulla. The sound, and more importantly, the feel, are what make me play the bass. A great bass should help you get the music from your soul. That’s what Pedulla’s been doing for me for 22 years.”

 -Doug Johns, OH  (Pedulla Artist)

"Michael is at the top of his game. This MVP makes me a better player. I can't put this down! I've been playing it constantly since it arrived last Thursday! I love my old Pedulla - I played it for 30 years. But this new MVP is on a whole other level of quality."

  -Doug Johns, OH    November 6, 2016     (Pedulla Artist)

“Thank you for your awesome craftsmanship and talent. Both of the MVP basses that you made for me are more than I expected. I can tell you put extra “love and care” into making these fine instruments. I’m so excited and inspired to make music. I really appreciate you. Thank you.”

  -Joseph Patrick Moore, GA   (Pedulla Artist)

I am truly honored to be listed on the Pedulla Artist page. I can’t tell you what a fantastic bass Michael makes. It is addictive. My only regret is that I’ve waited this long in my life to own one. Although it is magnificent for everyday bass duties, any bassist who ever had the notion to play a meoldy on his bass is missing out if he’s not attempting that melody on a Pedulla.”

 -Bob Birch, Bassist, Elton John Band (Pedulla Artist)

Mike Pedulla doesn't mess around. These are fretlesses as an art form, from the glassy finish of the neck, to the pickup sound, a bassists' "inner Jaco" can be summoned at playing of the first note. And, if you think they're all about slippin' & slidin' check out Doug Johns' brand of funk he gets out of his fretted Pedulla” (click here)

 - Will Lee, NYC  (Pedulla Artist)

“Just wanted to let you know, I just purchased a second Buzz Bass since I loved the first one so much. Your Buzz is to guitars as Stradivarius is to violins!!”

 -Bryan Berndt, NJ

“Two days ago a dream came true for me. I bought a Pedulla Pentabuzz. I traded two of my previously favorite basses for it. It hurt, but I am happy I did it. I have spent so many years and so many thousands of dollars on basses I liked, but didn’t love. I truly love these basses”

 -Steve Morgan, TX


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